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Some information about Pluto Pet Clinic Ranchi and our Veterinarian

A brief Introduction of Dr. Suranjan Sarkar Educational Qualifications B.V.Sc & A.H(Bihar Veterinary College), PGD in Small Animal Emer...


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Best veterinary doctor for skin diseases of dogs in Ranchi

Dogs suffer from various skin diseases throughout their life. Skin diseases affect dogs of Ranchi too. 
Some common skin disease that affects dogs located in Ranchi, Jharkhand are:
There are two types of mange that affects dogs in Ranchi.
One is Sarcoptic mange and another is demodectic mange.

Sarcoptic mange

Mange is caused by mites, All dogs have it naturally in their body.they just manage to live happily with them. They're microscopic, like dust mites, so you never see them. 
When the number of mites population increases it causes the problem to dogs. 
Mites cause itchiness, redness, and scaliness. a dog with mange will lose hair and may have sores. If a dog starts to lose hair 
The above photo shows a neglected dog, your house dog can have the same problem though to a lesser degree.

Demodectic Mange

This is less severe but lingers for more time. This is caused by Demodex Canis
Dr. Suranjan Sarkar is the only vet in the town of Ranchi to successfully treat these condition. He has done specialization Small Animal Dermatology and a member of Asian Society of small animal Dermatology. He can be reached in Ranchi in Pluto Pet Clinic , Ranchi,

Dr. Suranjan Sarkar also specializes in treating dogs suffering from food allergy. There is a practice to feed milk and roti to dogs in India. This combination of milk and Roti after prolonged period causes severe food allergy. In affected dogs, there is complete shedding of hairs. The dog smell very bad. Sometimes the smell is so bad that it resembles like urine or shit.
Dr. Sarkar is the only one who can differentiate between food allergy and mange or fungal skin infection. 
This is the reason Dr. Sarkar have clients ranging from Army, RPF, and corporates.