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Some information about Pluto Pet Clinic Ranchi and our Veterinarian

A brief Introduction of Dr. Suranjan Sarkar Educational Qualifications B.V.Sc & A.H(Bihar Veterinary College), PGD in Small Animal Emer...


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Free! Free! Free! Free dogs for adoption in Ranchi

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These are some of the videos that were uploaded in youtube to give away breed dogs entirely free. all these breed dogs- German shepherd, spitz, Doberman, Golden retrievers were given free

Saint Bernard for free adoption in Ranchi

Black labrador for free adoption in Nagratoli Ranchi

High Quality Doberman for free

Don't miss the opportunity, visit the channel and subscribe and turn the notification button on to never to miss the opportunity to adopt a breed dog!

This is entirely free but there are dogs with paid adoption also.
Please give your suggestions