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Difference between show quality and pet quality dog

Show quality pups are not generally proved as good or fierce watchdogs. As to me, you need to be sure about your purpose behind adopting a dog. If you live in a flat or something then you can go for show quality pup/dog.

If its a reputable breeder who shows her dogs in conformation and does performance events with them, and does all the health testing necessary - yes, its a good deal.

The difference between pet and show/breeding quality is that the pet quality puppies have conformation faults that make them unsuitable for showing or breeding. They're cosmetic or structure faults that would have nothing at all to do with how good a pet that puppy will be.

No reputable breeder would ever consider selling a show quality puppy into a pet home. Good breeders have waiting lists for their show quality dogs. They want them shown, hence they go to show homes only. All litters also have pets and their perfect for companions.

Given the breed, I'm sure the breeder will want to know exactly what you plan on doing with the dog because this isn't a breed that can just sit in a backyard. They need a lot of exercise, and they need to be involved in dog activities - obedience, rally, flyball, agility, herding, tracking, etc.

There are other opinion as well
Here is what George have to stay

“Pet quality” does not mean reject. If you just want a dog for a pet, don’t bother with show quality. The extra money you will have to pay won’t give you a better pet. When I got my Toller (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever), he was deemed pet quality because he was a little smaller than the breed standard. That was the ONLY reason, and it was fine with me. I had no interest in breed shows anyway, and I was still able to take him to obedience trials, not to mention agility, which was the best thing ever as far as he was concerned.

Woody was a typical Toller in every way as far as his personality and appearance went. Even other Toller owners wouldn’t necessarily notice that he was 1 inch shorter than the breed standard at the withers.