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Top 13 dog breeders of Ranchi

There used to be times when dogs were brought from outside to Ranchi and sold, there were no breeders. Now, the times have changed, now there are many breeders. Seeing the growing opportunity here in Ranchi, there are many breeders who have shifted to Ranchi from other places, such as West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar

Here is a list of some trustable dog breeders of Ranchi.

This list has been prepared on the basis of feedback received from dog owners visiting Pluto Pet clinics, Ranchi. The author never has visited, nor know these breeders. It is best to do your research before getting a dog.

1. Abhiraj Kennel, Oberia Road, Ranchi- his contact address, phone 9470986228. His quality, they give dogs at the cheapest rate. It is the only kennel where you may get an adult dog for adoption.

2. Tiwari Kennel, Ratu Road, Ranchi- This kennel is also known for cheapest priced puppies.

Tiwari kennel is working in this field for last 15 years. His phone number is 7903780835

As written above two kennels are known for the cheapest priced puppies, therefore, it is unfair to expect the highest quality puppies for the cheapest price. No one will give you 25000 rupees labrador for 8000 rupees

Now some mid segment breeders

3. K.D Pet Shop Ranchi- These breeders give moderately costed puppies. his phone number is 7717798901

4. Ranchi Pet Plaza- known for the cheapest quality labrador and german shepherds. their phone number is 9507394146 

5. Dog lovers Kennel- Needless to say it should actually .... lover kennel. Anyway, they are also breeders. they have a small arrangement at their rooftops, to breed and to run a dog hostel. their phone number is 086513 04512

6. Navratan Kennel - they are best known for high-quality Dalmatian dog. run their kennel in Argora housing colony. The phone number is 77629 22221

7. Rubu Maharana- specialist in english mastiff, french bulldogs and pugs. phone- 7352527667

8. Royal Pets- Specialist in Siberian huski, Golden retrievers, Shitzu, miniature Pomeranian and Greatdanes, mobile 7301399128

Now some high quality, high priced kennels

9. Kalinga Pet farm and Pet Shop- These people have their own dog farm, a unique concept, they breed and sell their own. their phone number 9431179599

10. Chhotanagpur kennel- They are selling dogs since 70s. their phone number is 9430140906

11.Rajesh kennel- in kokar Ranchi. their number 9693111470

12. Divyansh Dog Shop- 8809233876

13. Soumen Dog kennel- 8651399791

Ranchi Pet Plaza

Dhoni Residence, Opp, Harmu Housing Colony, Harmu, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834002

known for good quality labrador and german shepherds.

dog food also available here. 
his number is 094646 13857

Kalinga pet shop and farm

He is new honest and provide high quality pets. Dont lowers his quality or price. All his pets are healthy, and his clientes are highly places in society. 

He is the only one who is truely a dog breeder. They have a pet farm in pipli near bhuvaneshvar. There they breed doberman, pugs, german shepherds, labrador, shitzu , saint bernard. 

Since, his dogs are bred in home environment, his dogs are well adapted to our ambience. 

We always recommend him as our partner dog breeder in Ranchi. 

Pet of the month september 2018

vaccination of dogs and cats at home by veterinary doctor. Dr Suranjan Sarkar
miss ekata lakra of kokar, Ranchi, we vaccinated these dogs and cats
vaccination of dog with vanguard 11 in one vaccine for rs 1200 only
Mr Mohit of Khelgaon came for vaccination. his dog is suffering from atopic dermatitis. treatment going on

mr mohit of khelgaon came for vaccination and treatment of atopic dermatitis

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Spitz puppy at ranchi really cheap

German Shepherd pup at rs 7500 in Ranchi

German Shepherd pup available in ranchi.
Trusted quality

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gsd puppy video

committed to pets

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