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Parrot refusing to eat- treated in Pluto Pet Clinic, Ranchi by Dr Suranjan Sarkar

Parrot treated in Pluto Pet Clinic Ranchi 

Today a parrot was brought to our clinic. This parrot called mitthu came all the way from Bhurkunda, over 50 km away. Owner of Mitthu- Mrs Neha searched for Bird veterinary doctor in Ranchi and finally arrived at our clinic.


Parrot is not eating any food for last 15 days. Last food she ate was maggi noodles.
Maggi is very spicy for a parrot and sticky too. These are the food a parrot should not eat.
Parrots are social animals .
Parrots wants to eat with human.
They want to eat what human eat. This is when problem arises. There are many human food that are poisonous for a parrot. 
Food that are spicy, containing too much salt and sugar should be avoided. 


Maggi must have stuck to crop or fore stomach of parrot. Hence not able to eat food.
A clear case of crop impaction. 


The parrot was treated by a local non veterinarian and was given paracetamol liquid syrup.
This made the situation worse.

Treatment of Parrot:

The crop of parrot was flushed.


Warm boiled rice was advised to be fed.
A good quality parrot food was advised.

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