Dog food did this to her dog!!

Unbelievable but true, the canine Creek dog food is so tasty that the dog wants to grab the whole packet and keep it to himself only. See the photos

Earlier this dog "Lofty" was being kept in homemade food. That was not enough for him.
He suffered many problems such as
1. Constant hair fall
2. Tartar in teeth
3. Flatulence or gas
4. Reluctance to move or depression
5. loose motion or defecating more three times a day.
6. Abnormal liver function test values, or nearly liver failure- This was when was Dr. Sarkar called for. Dr. Sarkar solved the problem just by changing the diet.
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Dog food did this to her dog!! Dog food did this to her dog!! Reviewed by Dr_Suranjan_Sarkar on July 10, 2018 Rating: 5

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