Deepa khalkho with her dog delphi

Our clients deepa khalkho is coming for last one year.
Here are some photos

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The following pictures are of 5th august 2018. We noticed Delphi have now grown up. Mrs Deepa khalkho has also become more cheerful. Presence of Delphi has made Mrs khalkho a beautiful tribal lady . Moreover , Mr Rajesh kachhap too is now happier. This is the benefit of pet keeping. Pets reduces our stress and make our life happier.

Pluto Pet Clinics, Ranchi loves to see happy client

We discussed which home food can be given to Delphi. I advised Milk and chapati, cottage cheese, rice chicken and vegetables boiled and mashed can be fed. This is the beauty of keeping Pomeranian. Pomeranian can live an entire life in milk and bread, unthinkable in case of medium or large dogs.
Lastly, we gave calcium tablets of #Intas Bonntab and Micodin shampoo was given. We have received these samples in plenty from Intas pharmaceutical company. We give these samples to such pet owners, who may buy these products in the future.
Deepa khalkho with her dog delphi Deepa khalkho with her dog delphi Reviewed by Dr_Suranjan_Sarkar on July 11, 2018 Rating: 5

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