Ganesh Pet Shop ranchi

Reason for this pet shop

Owner of Ganesh Pet Shop is Mr. Moolchand. Since 2010 he is dealing with dog food including Royal Canin India dog food and accessories. He didn't have any shop of his own, but now he has opened his shop.
Location of shops :-

Branch 1.

This branch mostly caters to the needs of dog owners coming to the government pet clinic. Here you will find mostly emergency medicine. fluids, iv set for iv. The timing for this shop is 9 AM to 3 PM . after 3 PM you will find Dr. Rajkumar Singh here.
Branch 2
Hazaibag road

Here you will find dog foods. Almost all dog food is available here except Vetpro dog food.

Primarily Royal canine, natural and delicious, drools, pedigree dog food is available here.
Branch 3.
Ashok Nagar, Ranchi.
this is here for last two years.

Additionally, also has a kennel on Ratu Road, Ranchi. In his kennel there many pups available. He is regarded as a specialist of pugs, Labradors, and German shepherds.

Drools, Royal Canin India, Pedigree, Canine Creek
All pet accessories
We are lucky that we are the veterinary doctor for Ganesh Pet Shop.
CLICK HERE If you want a doctor with 24 hours support for your dog
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