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Ganesh Pet Shop ranchi

Reason for this pet shop

Owner of Ganesh Pet Shop is Mr. Moolchand. Since 2010 he is dealing with dog food including Royal Canin India dog food and accessories. He didn't have any shop of his own, but now he has opened his shop. In his shop, there are many brands.

Additionally, also has a kennel on Ratu Road, Ranchi. In his kennel there many pups available. He is regarded as a specialist of pugs, Labradors, and German shepherds.

A Whole seller

Mulchand is a whole seller too. He helps many pet shops in Ranchi in procuring various pet-related items. He helped open Samriddhi medical store, Kadru, Ranchi and also Aditi Pet Shop, Kanke Road, Ranchi.
Mr Mulchand has very good idea about dogs.
Services he intends to give are
Dog food
Rabbit food
Turtle feed
Parrot food
Dog bedding
Cat Litter
Cat food

Drools, Royal Canin India, Pedigree, Canine Creek
All pet accessories
We are lucky that we are the veterinary doctor for Ganesh Pet Shop. 

committed to pets

Some information about Pluto Pet Clinic Ranchi and our Veterinarian

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